reasonable expression: 1、万物皆有缺陷,但正是这缺陷为光腾出了空间。

Everything has its flaws, but it is these flaws that create space for light.


When you encounter unpleasantness, you should actively add happiness to your life and reduce negative emotions.


Every effort you make in private will be connoted in every stunning moment in the future.


May you not only have the economic ability to buy flowers, but also possess the charm of receiving flowers.

reasonable expression: 4、愿您既拥有购买花卉的能力,也有接受花卉的魅力。

May you have both the ability to buy flowers and the charm to receive them.


Do not let your beloved children get lost, because they will not be returned if found by someone else.


Although abilities may substitute for knowledge, the eloquence and temperament in the knowledge are irreplaceable.

reasonable expression: 7、世界之温柔,源于你的善意和纯净。

The tenderness of the world comes from your kindness and purity.


Todays unhappiness will pass, and tomorrow you still need to pursue happiness.


If you keep snoozing the alarm, you will also procrastinate on many things in your life.

reasonable expression: 9、如果闹钟响了不要继续睡觉,因为在生活中的事情会一拖再拖。

If the alarm clock rings, do not snooze, because things in life will be postponed again and again.


The lack of self-discipline leading to ugliness is not worthy of sympathy.


May you remain youthful in the future, facing the vastness of the universe like the ocean and radiating infinite light.


Wish you a happy life with ten tons of love in reserve.


The meaning of elegance lies in our fearlessness of the passage of time.

reasonable expression:


Elegance symbolizes our strength and confidence to fearlessly take on challenges that time brings us.


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