n my heart was broken, now my heart is like a maze.

英文说说: My heart was shattered into million pieces, now its a labyrinth.

Only willing to away from you.

抒情表述: 只想和你走得更近。

英文说说: Only willing to be closer to you.

He are the sun,he can shine,in my hand hug he will let me hurt

抒情表述: 他是光芒四射的太阳,我拥抱他却受伤无比。

英文说说: He is the shining sun, but embracing him leaves me in pain.

Nothings wrong when facing love.

抒情表述: 爱情无对错。

英文说说: Love knows no right or wrong.

A faithful friend is hard to find.

抒情表述: 谁言知音难觅,你便是我的挚友。

英文说说: They say a faithful friend is hard to find, but you are my loyal companion.

Glass in my heart was broken, now my heart is like a maze.

抒情表述: 曾经满心的玻璃渣,如今成了迷宫难行。

英文说说: I had shattered glass in my heart before, now its a maze thats hard to navigate.


抒情表述: 心灵脆弱如同一只易碎的杯子。

英文说说: Fragile heart is like a fragile cup.

to still be suffering is stupid after all of this time.

抒情表述: 经过这许多时间,依旧沉浸在痛苦之中,何其愚蠢。

英文说说: After all this time, its foolish to still suffer.

Time urged me to go against your life.

抒情表述: 时间驱使我离开了与你相伴的生活。

英文说说: Time pushed me away from our shared life.

Like why magnified into love

抒情表述: 喜欢何必夸大成爱。

英文说说: Why exaggerate liking into love.

Each youth will be old

抒情表述: 每个青春终将会被岁月沉淀。

英文说说: Every youth will eventually grow old.


抒情表述: 青春终将苍老,与时光一道沉淀。

英文说说: Every youth will grow old, and be sedimentary with time.

Dont let the fear for losing keep you from trying.

抒情表述: 不要让失去的恐惧阻止你去尝试。

英文说说: Dont let the fear of losing stop you from trying.

I remember meeting all of you

抒情表述: 记得第一次与你们相遇,那一刻似乎注定有缘。

英文说说: I remember meeting all of you for the first time, it felt like fate.

抒情表述: 这张照片永远铭刻在我的心中,见证着我们在一起的美好时光。

英文说说: This photo is forever engraved in my heart, as a witness to our beautiful memories together.

I love you for my life past.

抒情表述: 我爱你,为了我一生的人生经历,因为你是我的过去、现在和将来。

英文说说: I love you for my lifes experiences, because you are my past, present and future.


抒情表述: 我们都有一个共同的曾经,是那段美好时光留下的回忆。

英文说说: We all have a common past, memories left from those beautiful moments.

If you do not leave me,I will by your side until the life end

抒情表述: 如果你不离开我,我会一直陪在你身边,直到生命结束。

英文说说: If you dont leave me, Ill stay by your side until the end of life.

Time is we do not come loose.

抒情表述: 时光与我们紧密相连,永不分离。

英文说说: Time is tied to us, we will never separate.

-Not to touch you cannot hold in the arms.

抒情表述: 触摸不到你,无法将你拥入怀中。

英文说说: Not being able to touch you, I cant hold you in my arms.

I will not bother.

抒情表述: 我不会打扰你,只是静静地陪在你的身边。

英文说说: I wont bother you, just quietly accompany you by your side.

I dont know where I am going, but I am on my way.

抒情表述: 我不知道自己要去哪里,但我已经踏上了前往的路程。

英文说说: I dont know where Im going, but Im already on the way.

Say goodbye and never see dont cheap.

抒情表述: 说再见,永别不要轻视。

英文说说: Say goodbye, never underestimate the power of it.

Finally, can accompany with you is more very

抒情表述: 最后,能够陪伴你是何等难得。

英文说说: Finally, the ability to accompany you is so precious.

I am always waiting for you, for your turning around

抒情表述: 我一直在等待着你,等待着你的回转。

英文说说: Im always waiting for you, waiting for you to turn around.


抒情表述: 我只等你一个转身,相信我们的故事会在那一刻继续。

英文说说: Im just waiting for you to turn around, believing that our story will continue at that moment.

I tried so hard to let you go

抒情表述: 我已经尽力放手让你离开。

英文说说: Ive tried so hard to let you go.

Can you tell the world please leave,I want to leave temporarily

抒情表述: 能否请世界离开一下,我想暂时离开一下。

英文说说: Can you ask the world to leave, I want to take a temporary break.

I love the one I think smile boy

抒情表述: 我喜欢上了一个每次想到他就会微笑的男孩。

英文说说: I fell in love with a boy who makes me smile every time I think of him.

Ill take your night dreams do the moved

抒情表述: 我会将你的夜晚梦想变成动人的现实。

英文说说: I will turn your night dreams into moving reality.


抒情表述: 我会以你的晚安为引,将美好的梦境演绎到最感人处。

英文说说: Ill use your “goodnight” as a guide to create the most touching dreams.

I am only interested what belongs to me.

抒情表述: 我只对那些属于我的事物感兴趣。

英文说说: I am only interested in what belongs to me.

He didnt know how much he loved her until he lost her.

抒情表述: 直到他失去了她,他才知道自己有多么爱她。

英文说说: He didnt realize how much he loved her until he lost her.

The future that we hold is so unclear

抒情表述: 我们手中紧握的未来充满着模糊和不确定。

英文说说: The future we hold is filled with blur and uncertainty.

Good friends both male and female, good rela

抒情表述: 男女之间也可以成为好朋友,真正的友谊不分性别。

英文说说: Good friends can be of any gender, true friendship knows no bounds.

好朋友不分男女 好关系不算时间

抒情表述: 真正的好朋友不分男女,美好的关系也不会随着时间的流逝而消逝。

英文说说: True friends know no gender, and strong relationships transcend time.


抒情表述: 每一秒都变成了过去,成为了回忆。

英文说说: Every second that passes becomes the past, turned into memories.


抒情表述: 我走后,你的世界是否变得更加宁静?

英文说说: After I left, did your world become more serene?

说好了不动情 我却动了心

抒情表述: 我们说好不动情,但是我却情不自禁地动了心。

英文说说: We promised not to fall in love, but I couldnt help but move my heart.


抒情表述: 这份爱不需要承诺,因为真爱不需要言语。我们的爱会一如既往地存在。

英文说说: Our love doesnt need promises, because true love doesnt need words. Our love will continue to exist as always.


抒情表述: 无论承诺多少,若不能履行,只不过是伪言罢了。

英文说说: Promises mean nothing if theyre not followed through. Theyre just empty words.

抒情表述: 这张照片勾起了我无尽的思念,让我对过去充满了怀念。

英文说说: This photo stirs up endless longing in my heart, making me nostalgic for the past.


抒情表述: 时间没有等待我,而是你,忘记带我陪伴而去。

英文说说: Time didnt wait for me, it was you who forgot to take me along.


抒情表述: 我需要你的爱,这份关爱让我感到生命的温暖。

英文说说: I need your love, this caring brings me warmth and meaning in life.

Dont give me shelter

抒情表述: 不要遮掩我需要面对的现实,让我勇敢地迎接未来的挑战。

英文说说: Dont shelter me from the reality I need to face. Let me face the challenges ahead with courage.


抒情表述: 请不要替我挡风遮雨,因为我害怕突然失去你。

英文说说: Please dont shelter me from the rain, because Im afraid of suddenly losing you.

【就算路不坦荡 也要做自己的太阳】

抒情表述: 即便前方路途凶险,也要成为自己的太阳,照亮前行的道路。

英文说说: Even when the road ahead is rough, we should still be our own sun, illuminating the way forward.


抒情表述: 总是为不分手而苦心经营,结果却像种下了残忍的心。

英文说说: Trying to avoid a breakup with great effort can end up being cruel instead.


抒情表述: 对不起,我没有办法实现我的承诺。

英文说说: Im sorry I couldnt follow through on my promise.


抒情表述: 为了我的生命,也为了你那十年的纯真岁月。

英文说说: For the sake of my life, and for your ten years of innocence.


抒情表述: 我愿意用我一生的时间,来交换你那十年纯真无邪的时光。

英文说说: Im willing to exchange my entire life for ten years of your innocence.


抒情表述: 能够让你离开真好,否则总是会担心你会离开我。

英文说说: Its good that you left, otherwise I would always worry about you leaving.


抒情表述: 很多人一旦错过了,就再也无法重逢。

英文说说: For many people, once they miss each other, they become strangers forever.


抒情表述: 青春总会逝去,但我对你的记忆却永远美好。

英文说说: Youth will fade, but my memories of you will always be beautiful.


抒情表述: 我不一定完美,但至少我会为你尽心尽力,去实现我们的故事。

英文说说: I may not be perfect, but at least I will do my best to make our story come true.


抒情表述: 我可能不完美,但我至少真实坦诚。

英文说说: Im not a fake person.


抒情表述: 无论是友情还是爱情,我都会热情相拥你的到来。你走的时候,我会坦然地放手。

英文说说: Whether its friendship or love, I will warmly embrace your arrival. When you leave, I will let go calmly.


抒情表述: 所有你曾经失去的东西,都可以逐渐地重新获得,只要你还有心愿。

英文说说: All that you have lost can be regained little by little as long as you have the wish.


抒情表述: 我假装无所谓,其实只是不想看到自己的心被拧碎。

英文说说: I pretended to be indifferent to hide the fact that my heart was broken.


抒情表述: 在我的生命中,你如阳光般温暖而耀眼,永远照耀着我的心。

英文说说: You are my sunshine in my life, always warm and shining, illuminating my heart forever.


抒情表述: 如果我的深情不会被辜负,那么我宁愿奉献所有的真心。

英文说说: If my deep love will not be disappointed, then I would rather give all my sincere heart.


抒情表述: 优雅是一道永不褪色的美丽风景线。

英文说说: Elegance is an ever-lasting beautiful scenery that will never fade.


抒情表述: 有时候,我会产生一个想要逃离所有的东西的念头,因为我需要安静和自我调节。

英文说说: Sometimes, I have the thought of escaping everything because I need peace and self-regulation.


抒情表述: 我一直在努力,想要重新爱上你,但是这种感觉却变得越来越遥远。

英文说说: Ive been stressing to fall back in love with you, but the feeling seems to be getting further away from me.


抒情表述: 压力和困难让我感到疲惫,让我无法继续将全部的爱都给予你。

英文说说: Pressure and difficulties have worn me out and made it hard for me to give all my love to you.


抒情表述: 失去的往往无法回来,而回来的也不一定完美。但我仍然相信,每段爱情都有价值。

英文说说: What is lost may never return, and what returns may not be perfect. But I still believe that every love story is valuable.


抒情表述: 当我凝视着你迷人的眼神时,我仿佛失去了自我,完全沉浸在爱的世界里,你能给我一张地图吗?

英文说说: Do you have a map? Because I just got lost in your captivating eyes, completely immersed in the world of love.


抒情表述: 我曾经遇到了那个让我心动的她,但是她却没有看到我的内心深处的爱和渴望。

英文说说: I met my special her, but she didnt see the love and yearning in my heart.


抒情表述: 生命的意义或许是在我们经历挫折和痛苦时,仍然保持勇气和坚强,继续奋斗并创造美好。

英文说说: What is the meaning of life? Maybe its about having the courage and strength to keep fighting and creating beauty, even in the face of setbacks and hardships.


抒情表述: 生命之所以有意义,是因为我们知道有一天它会停止,所以我们要珍惜每一刻,努力创造属于自己的美丽。

英文说说: The reason why life is meaningful is that we know it will stop one day, so we should cherish every moment and strive to create our own beauty.

有种人可以永远假装微笑 从来不痛.

抒情表述: 有些人可以永远微笑着,但是我们不知道他们内心的痛苦和挣扎,他们为了隐藏自己的痛苦而选择假装。

英文说说: Some people can always pretend to smile, but we dont know the pain and struggle in their hearts. They choose to pretend to hide their pain.


抒情表述: 人总是喜欢说永远,但实际上,时间不会等人,只有珍惜当下,才能让我们拥有更美好的未来。

英文说说: People always like to say forever, but in reality, time waits for no one. Only by cherishing the present can we have a better future.


抒情表述: 在我心中,你的心是我无论走到哪里,都希望能够回来的地方。因为那里有关于你的一切,有我们美好的回忆和憧憬的未来。

英文说说: Your heart is the place where I always want to come back no matter how far I go. Because it holds everything about you, our beautiful memories, and our future aspirations.

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