no time to be young seriously, when I realized, I can only choose to be old seriously.


Life is a journey on the road, where you will encounter different scenery along the way. Pay attention to appreciate the beauty around you, and dont linger in memories that are hard to bear in the past.


Time waits for no one, enjoy it in time, embrace your dreams, and move forward courageously.


Life is not easy, but lets face it with a smile, accept challenges and move forward.


Everyone has their own shining point. Dont envy others, explore your own light well.


Youth is like a running race, you cant stop halfway, you can only go all the way forward.


Dont be afraid of failure. As long as you dont give up, you will always succeed.


Some people have gone, leaving behind memories and missing. Lets cherish the moments we met.


Unfortunately, our story ends here, but our life is not just the hardship in front of us, there are also poems and distant lands.

Its a shame that our story ends here.


No matter what life throws at you, dont forget to smile. Be your own independent shining sun.


When youre young, create warm memories with the people you love, memories warmer than summer sunshine.


Every effort you make now is a kind of precipitation, paving the way and laying the foundation for your future silently.

Just to make you a better person, your hard work and dedication are like precipitation, paving the way silently.


Going back to the past for a fresh start is impossible, but starting from now, you can write a brand new ending.


May this greeting bring you a new mood, and a blessing bring you a fresh start. Good morning!

Good morning! Sometimes, in order to preserve our self-respect, we have to let go of certain people.


Never having experienced poverty makes it difficult to truly live; never having suffered setbacks means never growing up. Maturity does not mean being without fragility but knowing how to hide it; vicissitudes of life dont mean being without tears, but having heartache yet not shedding a tear.

There will always be a time in our lives when everything seems uncertain and nerve-wracking. But in the face of fear, we must be brave, for there is no other choice.

16、The person we yearn to become is not the end goal of our journey, but rather the starting point from which we embark on our present path.

The person we yearn to become is not the end goal of our journey, but rather the starting point from which we embark on our present path.

17、I firmly believe that there is still a love in this world that will last until death do us part. The only thing stopping me is the lack of faith that I will ever find it.

There is a kind of love in this world that lasts until the end of time, where two people will always walk hand in hand towards the future. It may seem elusive, but perhaps all we need is the confidence to believe that we can find it.

18、Just like how we only see rainbows when the conditions are right, we only realize the value of some people when we meet them. But dont worry, eventually, our paths will cross with those who share the same kind of soul as us. So, in the meantime, lets work hard to become the best versions of ourselves.

People are like rainbows, they only appear when the right elements come together. Interesting souls will eventually find each other. Before that happens, strive to become the best version of yourself.

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