1. Simple yet enough: I dont need you to be perfect, I just like you. 2. Keep on smiling: Dont frown when sad, someone might fall in love with your smile. 3. Not good enough: Tried to make you laugh but lost you to the one who makes you cry. 4. Incomplete confession: I…1. Love in silence: I wont say a word since I know I cant keep you. 2. Love and regret: I thought love could fill lifes dissatisfaction but it leads to more regrets. 3. Pretending to be gentle: I may seem cold, but only to be gentle with you. 4. Incomplete sentence: I…1. Love without tears: Nobody deserves your tears, the worthy one wont make you cry. 2. Remembering someone: Remember the good or just remember me. 3. Waiting behind: Im always behind you, just looking for you to turn around. 4. Love and poetry: Love has the power to turn anyone into a poet.1. Love and poetry: Love turns everyone into a poet. 2. Love forever: Ill love you for the rest of my life. 3. Memory and past: Memories are wonderful if you dont have to deal with the past. 4. Love is worth it: The pain of love is worth it for the joy it brings.1. Letting go: Letting go can be just as powerful as holding on. 2. Meeting you: Some people are lucky to have met you – youre like a ray of light. 3. Understanding and aging: Some things are difficult to understand when were young, and by the time we understand them, were no longer young.1. Understanding and aging: Some things we only understand when were no longer young. 2. Eye contact: I love it when he looks at me while I look away. 3. No “later”: We always talk about later, but then we run out of time. 4. Love and loss: You were never mine to lose, so theres nothing to mourn. 5. Fateful meeting: I met someone unexpectedly and my world changed forever.1. Time and forgetting: It only takes minutes to meet and hours to like, but a lifetime to forget. 2. Choosing power: Rather rule in hell than serve in heaven. 3. Appreciation and contentment: You wont have what you like until you learn to like what you have.1. Life is half memory, half continuation. 2. Keep moving forward: Life never stops pushing you, so stay focused and dont let regrets slow you down. Smile, forgive, forget, and keep moving! 3. Making time for someone: You have to make time for the ones you love, or you might miss your chance.1. Be strong and impenetrable to others harm. 2. As you admire the view from the bridge, someone else admires you. You may adorn someones dream, like the moon adorns your window. 3. Its okay to cry, but dont give up.1. Its okay to cry, but dont give up. 2. As people leave, those who remain become more important. 3. You cant hurt me if I dont care. 4. Dont give up on being yourself, life is too short to be anyone else.1. Be yourself because life is too short to copy others. 2. Special moments become eternal when everything else is gone. 3. You are my sun, but too far away. 4. H1. Happiness is a choice of lifestyle, not just a mood. 2. Sometimes goodbye is necessary. 3. Take a detour and explore new sights. 4. Let go of the past before moving forward.1. Let go of the past to move forward. 2. Bravery may not change the outcome. 3. We can never go back. 4. I want you, but you dont know.

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